Aubergine Leather Collar

Aubergine Leather Collar

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Dog collar made from super-soft 100% chrome-free natural leather with gold-plated zamak hardware for guaranteed resistance and durability. Hand-made by Colombian artisans.

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Dog collar made from 100% chrome-free leather using only water-based dyes (to reduce pollution), with gold-plated zamak hardware (zinc, aluminum, copper and magnesium) for guaranteed resistance and durability. Our accessories are hand-made using traditional leatherworking techniques that ensure excellent quality. They are hypoallergenic for your pet's comfort and safety.
The width of the collar is: XS - 1.5 cm; S - 2cm; M - 2.5cm; L - 3cm; XL - 3 cm. To determine the appropriate length and size for your pet, please consult our size chart.
For extra special personalization, you can add a customized tag with your pet's information! We offer two options: personalize the circular tag that comes with the Feroz logo on the back or add a rectangular marked tag that is securely attached to the collar with double rivets.
We offer a 60-day guarantee for any manufacturing defects. This does not apply to damage caused as a result of use or interaction with your pet. For products kept in perfect condition, we grant a period of 30 calendar days for product or size exchanges. We don't offer refunds at this time. For any exchanges or returns, the original receipt (either printed or digital) will be requested.
To ensure that leather accessories maintain their original appearance and quality, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to water and, if possible, not using them in nurseries or schools. To clean the leather use a damp cloth and let the product air dry. You can apply a little moisturizer to prevent it from drying out. Some colors may fade or transfer to other surfaces if used when wet.
XL 60 CM-72 CM   URBAN PRINT 73 CM - 89 CM Great Dane, Newfoundland, Saint Bernard
L 48 CM -62 CM   URBAN PRINT 68 CM - 36 CM   Labrador, Golden Retriever, Weimaraner, German Shepherd
M 37 CM -51 CM   URBAN PRINT 53 CM - 68 CM LEATHER MANIA 48 CM - 64 CM   Border Collie, Husky, Beagle, Pug
S 28 CM - 36 CM   URBAN PRINT 35 CM - 46 CM LEATHER MANIA 44 CM - 60 CM   Boston Terrier, Schnauzer, poodle
XS 20 CM - 26 CM   URBAN PRINT 25 CM - 30CM LEATHER MANIA 38 CM - 48 CM   Daschshund, Shi Tzu, Yorkie
XXS N/A LEATHER MANIA 30 CM - 38 CM Chihuahua, Yorkie Toy

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XS, S, M, L, XL



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