Beware of these foods that can be harmful to your pet.

Beware of these foods that can be harmful to your pet.

When it comes to feeding our adorable dogs, it is important to use our heads and not always our hearts because sometimes we think we are doing it right. Still, our love for them is confused with ignorance, and instead of doing a correct action, we are achieving the opposite effect.

Currently, the feeding of our pets is a matter well thought out and programmed by specialists in canine medicine and nutrition; that nourishes them, keeps them free of diseases, and allows them to stay active and athletic.
With the passing of time and the more frequent intervention of nutrition experts, we realized that what fed humans did not necessarily feed dogs because, just as it happens with us, canines also need a special diet that gives them health. Even though we would not like to believe it, their well-being requires differentiated nutrition from ours.

Some foods seem harmless, and we often say, let's give them a little; nothing happens. But, in reality, we are wrong because we can provide them without knowing an element that is harmful to their health that can deteriorate their well-being and cause a lot of discomforts.

These are the ten foods that we should try NOT to give our pets:

1. Coffee:

Caffeine and methylated xanthine are two substances that can alter and destroy our pets' nervous systems. Therefore, playing and physical activity can channel your dog's anxiety better.

2. Chocolate:

Its frequent consumption affects its nerves and can intoxicate it; therefore, no chocolate for our dogs, not even a little bit.

3. Onion:

Although many dogs can't stand its smell, others like it because their owners have accustomed them to receiving them directly or in bites of seasoned food; the onion contains a thiosulfate substance that affects the blood cells of dogs, causing anemia and permanent weakness.

4. Alcohol:

To many, this seems like total nonsense. Still, it is a blunder because, believe it or not, many people find it hilarious to give their dogs alcoholic beverages only to see them dizzy and walking disoriented while bumping into walls and objects in its wake. That your puppy ingests alcohol is not funny, it is irresponsible; they have a more delicate digestive system than ours and if it causes us great harm, imagine what happens to them.

5. Dairy products:

Dogs have a deficiency in assimilating lactose due to the lack of an enzyme; this can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea, so your dog shouldn't stick his nose where nobody has called him, or better, where there is milk.



6. Grapes:

If you are used to receiving the year with this fruit, do not give it to your puppy because it can cause kidney failure, either from the bunch or raisins.

7. Cooked bones:

Many believe that a cooked bone is to a dog what carrots are to rabbits, but the main problem is that dogs' strong teeth can break them and cause them to choke and choke.

8. Nuts:

The concentration of fats in these foods can cause pancreatitis in your dog; better try a snack especially designed for dogs.

9. Sugar:

As in humans, sugar can cause diabetes, so even if it is a great temptation for them, it is better that you do not supply it or keep it within easy reach.

10. Yeasts, rice, and starch:

This group of foods cause intestinal obstruction, something not only harmful and painful but also very dangerous for the lives of animals.


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