Home Office With Your Pet

Home Office With Your Pet

Just because you're working from home doesn't mean you have to do it alone. Pull up a chair to your workspace and let your pet sit next to you. Bringing your pet to work has never been so easy. Here are six tips for doing home office with your furry child:


  • Put your pet's bed near your desk or workplace in your home office; this will help you stay more focused since you won't be worrying about what your pet might be doing when they're out of sight.


  • Watch the number of snacks you give him. Now that you're spending more time with your pet, measure how many treats you're giving him each day. It's easy to feed too many without realizing it, which can lead to overeating.


  • Schedule breaks to take your dog out. One of the biggest benefits of working from home is being able to structure your day to suit your lifestyle. For example, be sure to schedule walk breaks throughout the day so you and your pet can get outside for fresh air often.
  • Organize your work tools. Use a protector for your keyboard; cats love to use keyboards as personal mats; this is fun for them, but not so much fun for you when you realize that your pet's paws have created and sent a meaningless message to your boss. Organize your cables and thus prevent your pet from getting entangled with them. Also, store all small items, such as paper clips, pens, staples, and thumbtacks, in boxes with lids or drawers because when these items fall to the ground they pose a choking hazard to curious animals.


  • For important conference calls, take your dog out of your workspace. Taking an important call? Avoid your dog's barking noises by temporarily removing him from the workplace. Your co-workers or clients will appreciate it.


  • Take a tour of your home office from your pet's point of view. Take a cue from new parents baby-proofing their homes for their human babies and protecting your fur children by visiting your home office from their perspective. Get on all fours and discover the potential dangers of your home office. Cover electrical outlets, screw heavy shelves to the wall, and close furniture doors that lead to items that could harm your pets.