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Companion Dogs for Seniors

Companion Dogs for Seniors

Discover the breeds that promote well-being in older adults

By Marcela Moncaleano


Although we know, from popular knowledge or personal experience, the dog is man's best friend. This is because dogs have an extraordinary ability to identify with the emotions of humans, which allows them to develop a sense of loyalty unmatched in other animals.

Dogs are ideal for recreation, reducing stress, and balancing emotions, and in the case of children, it helps them generate a sense of responsibility. For this and many other reasons, having a dog at home is a great option that will guarantee good mental health and increased well-being.
Companion dogs are classified in group No. 9 of the breed classification according to the FCI (International Canine Federation). These are dogs whose breed is indicated to be home pets; they are not country dogs or very large spaces, so they do not require burning too much energy, so you will not have any problem with them living in closed spaces such as apartments.

For the elderly, a companion dog helps maintain their longevity. Why? Studies carried out in the United States, and the United Kingdom have shown that the elderly and people who have a pet dog have shown a decrease in blood pressure and an increase in neurochemicals associated with relaxation.

Older adults have a high rate of a sedentary lifestyle, but those who have a pet dog are more physically active than average. In addition, by taking walks with their pets, they feel psychologically more satisfied by having responsibility for the well-being of a living being; this helps prevent the common neurological deterioration of age, such as senile dementia.

Companion dogs are generally small in size and require little work or physical activity; they are less nervous than other breeds, are highly adaptable to any environment where they are taken and are characterized by being very affectionate and attached to their masters.

Next, we present the ideal breeds, according to the FCI, to be the best companion pet for our grandparents:

Bichons and similar breeds:


 Belgian small dogs:


 Tibetan dogs:


 Companion English Spaniels:

 Japanese and Pekingese Spaniels:


 Continental Dwarf Spaniel and others:




Small-sized molossoids: