Tips for grooming your pet at home

Tips for grooming your pet at home

Even when it is possible to access professional Grooming services, it is necessary to generate habits and carry out certain basic tasks at home for the comprehensive well-being of our dogs. This article, written by MY PET GROOMING – pet grooming experts, gives us tools and tips to take care of our pets at home easily and with fun.

During the isolation and with the permanent coexistence with our pets, the hairs, the sound of the nails on the floor, and the obligation to clean our dogs' paws after each outing to relieve themselves become more noticeable. Therefore, to take care of your dog right now, we leave you the following tips that you can do at home during this time:

Pads: They are the surface that gives firmness to our dogs, and if they are partially or covered with hair, the dog will slip. Additionally, this hair can get knotted and lodge pebbles, chewing gum, and many things that we groomers find. You can take scissors at home very carefully and cut the hair that covers the pads. If homemade products such as soap or vinegar are used, they must be diluted to avoid skin irritation. Try the best possible drying.

Nails: They grow very fast! Based on our experience, we recommend cutting them every two weeks, even more so if your dog is not getting enough exercise on rough surfaces that can file them when walking. For this, special nail clippers for dogs are obtained, which facilitates the task; this is a fundamental habit in grooming our dogs. The longer time without cutting, the longer the nail mother inside the shell, and the more propensity to injure the dog. It is very important to cut the nails on the fifth fingers and rear dewclaws (if our dog has them) since these do not touch the ground and are not filed when walking.


Brushing: Each of the very different types of hair that dogs have in their various breeds or types demands a particular tool to carry out proper brushing. We should not limit ourselves to the "superficial" with the advice of professional groomers like My Pet Grooming; you can identify the tool that helps minimize knots and keep the skin healthy. Brushing should be a habit that can go from daily to at least two times a week, depending on which dog I have and the lifestyle it leads.

We are not going to go deep; we will clean the outer part where grease and particles from the environment accumulate. You can use very mild products that help with proper cleaning with a slightly damp or dry cloth. We must be attentive to secretions or a bad smell, a symptom that my dog ​​may be having a bad time due to otitis that several factors can cause. As with any health anomaly of our dog, it will be to go to our trusted veterinarian.

We learned a few years ago that, as with humans, more than the product used for cleaning, the effect of brushing on dental surfaces is even greater, which will prevent dental diseases in dogs. So choose a soft brush for your dog that doesn't hurt his gums. Plaques and stones must be removed by a veterinary professional, keeping in mind that, as with us, the famous prophylaxis is not the procedure indicated as a rule to solve all the problems with the mouth of our furry ones.

If you cannot wait any longer for your groomer and you will bathe, apply a professional cosmetic product for dogs whose PH does not hurt the skin or irritate their eyes. We recommend not using the famous coconut or blue soap on white hair. Be sure to get your dog completely dry, or in just a couple of days, your nose will make you think you didn't bathe him.

At My Pet Grooming, we enjoy sharing knowledge and anecdotes. Our experience in caring for dogs is to share it, count on us, let's chat, and enjoy a virtual coffee, while we can meet personally!

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